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how to make cheap gesso without paying extortionate prices
I came across this gesso recipe when i was searching on information on gesso for my journal work. I made two seperate ones, one with and one without water. I find the one without water better for brushing ontop of glued paper as it gives a good cracking/bubble effect.

Posted by MischievousRaven from Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom • Published See MischievousRaven's 45 projects »
  • Step 1

    in a mixing pot, mix together 1 part PVA glue, 3 parts water (optional), 6 parts baby powder and 2 parts emulsion paint.

  • Step 2

    If you added water then it will be quite runny so add more baby powder to the consistancy you want. Pour into a jar with a screwable lid and voila. Just remember to stir before use.

    The gesso does take a while to dry so if you need it done in a hurry then use a hair dryer.

  • How to make your own paint. Home Made Gesso - Step 3
    Step 3

    here are my finished experimentations using this gesso. The darker one was done without adding water and adding more paint and pva glue to the mixture.

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pattayonacracker · Four Oaks, North Carolina, US
ooops could you reply to my e-mail @pattay1964@gmail.com please It's hard to check the e-mail that is attached to this site.
pattayonacracker · Four Oaks, North Carolina, US
What is, emulsion paint ??
MischievousRaven · Shrewsbury, England, GB · 51 projects
i used paint in the gesso, if you put it ontop of material it makes it easier to paint acrylics and water colour on
Krista B.
Krista B. · Hydesville, California, US · 44 projects
is it paint...?
Katie B.
Katie B. · 3 projects
What do you use Gesso for?

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