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Homemade Choco Pie :D

easy and quick homemade chocopie.. • Posted by Riya K.

easy and quick homemade choco pie..

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easy and quick homemade choco pie..


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    take a bowl or pan

  2. Small photo0056

    put 4 tbsp. cake flour in it

  3. Small photo0057

    1 tbsp. powdered sugar and 1 tbsp. choco powder

  4. Small photo0059

    then put 1/4th cup milk and mix the ingridients

  5. Small photo0062

    mixture should become creamy

  6. Small photo0063

    now take two biscuits(for 1 pie)

  7. Small photo0065

    put spoon full of mixture on opposite side of 1st buiscuit

  8. Small photo0066

    then cover it with 2nd buiscuit

  9. Small photo0068

    now coat a layer of mixture on them and keep in refrigerator for ! hour.

  10. Small photo0070

    decorate(if you wish) and serve cool (and yeah...i am tooo bad at decorating food) :p