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A nice way to reuse old holiday greeting cards.
I tend to save many things, greeting cards are one of them. I had this HUGE stash of them and I really got tired of seeing them stored in the bins. I decided a few years back to make a garland out of them and pull them out every Christmas. :)

This tutorial is SUPER easy, which is the best part!

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  • How to make a garland. Holiday Greeting Card Banners - Step 1
    Step 1

    Gather the materials.

    I actually measured my wall first, so I can have a rough idea on how long to make the banner. I have one wall longer than the other. The longer wall got the longer garland.

  • How to make a garland. Holiday Greeting Card Banners - Step 2
    Step 2

    Grab the cards and cut them. I kept the card covers for this and I also dated them in the back and who the card was from. Create a bit of a pattern for your banner.
    I purposely have a "middle card" so that I know where the center of the banner is every time I hang it. The longer banner has an odd number of cards, while the shorter ones have an even number.
    After you have created your pattern, punch a hole in the corner(s) of the cards. Remember to have enough space between the hole and the edge of your card! If the hole is too close to the edge, it will rip when tying the string.

  • Step 3

    Measure out the length of your string. Start tying the cards to the string. This part is a bit tedious because you want the cards to be spaced out enough, so that they aren't overlapping each other. Don't tie them too tightly either because they will rip.

  • Step 4

    Leave a tail at the end of the banner. I sometimes like the extra 'hang' I get from them when I put them up.

  • How to make a garland. Holiday Greeting Card Banners - Step 5
    Step 5

    Taa-daa! I like hanging them because I have cards that I have received from all over the world. :) This is a fun project when you are in a virtual card exchange.

    Other Options:
    You can crochet the yarn if you want to. You would still need a long tail at both ends. You can use small ornament hooks to hang the cards on it.
    Edging scissors can make the card look more like a postcard or fancify them.
    If you have a Cricut or similar device, you can cut them into shapes. Just make sure you center the card for whatever shape you may use.

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