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A great Hary Potter Novelty!

This is a Hogwart's crest i made out of felt
its really easy and very much worth it!
i edited it to suit what i wanted to do so i hope its not plagiarism
you can do whatever you want with this like make it into a door hanger, put on your robes or cape . You can pretty much do what ever you want . Its that versatile.
Haven't quite figured out what i'm going to do with mine but when i do ill edit this!



  • How to make a patches. Hogwarts Felt Crest - Step 1
    Step 1

    Print off a Crest out line from this website - http://www.leakylounge.com/lofiversion/index.php/t54638.html

  • How to make a patches. Hogwarts Felt Crest - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cut out shapes
    - Top Left Red
    - Top Right Green
    - Bottom Left Yellow
    - Bottom Right Blue

  • How to make a patches. Hogwarts Felt Crest - Step 3
    Step 3

    Still Haven't figured out what i'm going to make it into
    all suggestions welcome please help!
    will put up instructions for whatever i do next!

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aya R.
aya R. · Brooklyn, New York, US · 17 projects
That's really nice. I wonder if I can make one with embroidery of the different house animals on each piece.
Twinkle_Toes · Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory, AU · 37 projects
Thanks for all your help
Riechan - i have enough bags coz my mum makes them for our CWA(country womens association) and i just get the ones i want but thanks for the idea
ofenjen - im so sorry im a silly billy , thanks for the idea , i made a cloak for the premier in our town of HP and OOTP that sounds like a good idea but its made of satin how would i attach it?
Sarah - thanks for the idea , prob wouldnt go with my decor in my room lol , my mum thinks i should get use out of it and not waste it on a wall lol
Sarah · Ontario, Ontario, CA · 5 projects
oo I would make a wall hanging.
ofenjen (aka sewhookedjen)
ofenjen (aka sewhookedjen) · Austin, Texas, US · 75 projects
Oh hey, that's my pattern! I drew it for the Triwizard Tee recon (on this site, mine & Leaky) and I've used it to make a Hogwarts cloak. If you did it actual size, maybe you can stitch it to a black tee where it would be on a cloak.
Riechan · Limbourg, Walloon Region, BE · 21 projects
maybe you could make some sort of bad and than put this emblem on it? make it a harr poter like bag of some kind :p

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