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slouch armwarmers with pretty herringbone pattern.
6 stitches = 1"

Finished size after blocking: 3.5" across & 17" long

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  • HerringboneSlouch.pdf 301 KB [ Download ]
  • How to make an armwarmer. Herringbone Slouch - Step 1
    Step 1

    Armwarmers: (make two)
    Cast on 48 stitches with your main colour [hereafter MC].
    Being careful not to twist, join for working in the round. Knit 1x1 ribbing for 0.75".
    When piece is 0.75" from cast on, you will begin working in stockinette stitch and insert the herringbone fair isle pattern.
    Knit until your work is 11.5" from the cast on edge. Now you will create the thumbholes.

  • How to make an armwarmer. Herringbone Slouch - Step 2
    Step 2

    Knit 2 stitches of your round; cast off 10 stitches in pattern; complete your round.
    When you return to the place where you've cast off 10 stitches for the thumbholes, cast on 10 stitches, maintaining the pattern.
    Thumbholes created!
    Knit 1" in pattern.
    Switch to using only your MC and begin working in 1x1 ribbing.
    Work 1x1 ribbing for 1".
    Cast off and weave in ends.

  • How to make an armwarmer. Herringbone Slouch - Step 3
    Step 3

    These armwarmers are designed to be dense and, well, warm! So in order to get the slouchly look, you have to do some extreme blocking.
    This is a picture of the Herringbone Slouch post and pre blocking.

    I didn't use pins to block it, but generally they are recommended. I simply soaked the knit, gave it a few good tugs in each direction to set the stitches, and made sure it was 17î long and 3.5î wide when I laid it down to dry.

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