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Stuff fresh zucchini flowers!
Stuff fresh zucchini flowers with herb-cheese ricotta. Dip in batter, quickly deep-fry in hot oil and voila; crispy stuffed zucchini flowers that can be an appetizer or main course!

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You Will Need

12 zucchini flowers
1 cup ricotta
1/2 cup chopped flat parsley and basil (equal measures)
1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
pinch of red chili flakes
salt & pepper to taste
for the batter:
1 cup plain flour
1 cup ice water
1 egg
  • Step 1

    Prepare the flowers: Check the outside bottom of the flower. If there are little hook-like leaves (they are tiny), carefully snip them off.
    Slit the flower open length-wise and remove the pistil (that yellow furry-looking little bulb).

  • Step 2

    Prepare the ricotta: Add the parmesan, chopped parsley and basil to the ricotta, as well as grated lemon peel and a pinch of chili flakes. Season to taste with fresh ground black pepper and coarse sea salt.
    Shape the herbed ricotta into balls, the size roughly measured according to the base of your zucchini flower (for my zucchini flowers, a diameter of 2-3 cm (about one inch) was a good size). Chill until ready to use.

  • Step 3

    Stuff the flowers: Fold the flower open (like a book), place a ricotta “ball” in the middle and fold the leaves back over.

  • Step 4

    Make the batter: Beat the egg and add the ice-cold water until the batter is smooth. Mix in the flour carefully (do not over-mix). Use immediately.

  • Step 5

    Finish: Dip the prepared and stuffed zucchini flowers in the batter. Deep-fry in the hot oil until crisp. It takes a few minutes. Drain on kitchen paper and serve.

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Melissa Beth
Melissa Beth · McLean, Virginia, US · 81 projects
OMG! Yum! I've always wanted to make these. Where do you get squash flowers? Cooking
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