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A Rococo style wig for theater
September 2015 I did a course wig/hat making (fantasy) at Faces in Gorinchem. This is the result for the Rococo wig assignment.

You start with a base out of folded newspaper pages, tacked together. It is custom fitted to my head.
Then you build your intended shape onto that with newspaper 'pipes' and more folded strips.
Then you add a layer of light weight foam (furniture foam) over the newspaper base. Snip out pieces to get more rounded shapes. Tack it all to the newspaper base. (Or use glue when needed, we didn't have that at the course, but at home I'd certainly use it for a smoother result)
Lay on your hemp roving bit by bit, covering the foam with a thin layer. The hemp will stick to the foam and you tack it under the edges of the cap.
Carefully varnish the hemp and let it all dry.
Add embellishments.

I went for a flowery wig (flowers bought) with paper butterflies (made those myself), but you can go with pearl necklaces, ostrich feathers, jewelry, anything you want.

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