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Welcome Spring with a "hello" hoop for your front door!
Adding a fresh piece of outdoor decor to welcome spring and guests is even more special when handmade. Stencilling on felt is super easy. Add some die cut flowers to accent your own color scheme with this pretty hoop wreath.

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  • How to make a framed decoration. "Hello" Spring Welcome Hoop - Step 1
    Step 1

    From white felt yardage cut a circle 2” larger all around. TIP: Use hoop as guide.
    Insert felt into hoop leaving excess felt. Place stencil inside hoop. This gives a stationary surface to stencil in and when finished the hoop will be flipped.
    Place a small amount of sapphire paint on the paper plate.
    Dip the round stencil brush into the paint. Use the paper towel to remove most of the paint. (Stencilling is done with this dry brush technique.) Begin by stencilling with a circular motion along the edges of the stencil moving towards the center. Repeat step with paint to complete the whole word. Let dry. If you want letters more pronounced repeat and place a second layer of paint. If gives a dimensional appearance to the letters.

  • How to make a framed decoration. "Hello" Spring Welcome Hoop - Step 2
    Step 2

    Remove felt from hoop and flip over. Insert felt back into hoop as shown in completed photo. Tighten hoop. Trim excess felt from edge.

  • How to make a framed decoration. "Hello" Spring Welcome Hoop - Step 3
    Step 3

    Die cut a variety of flower shapes and leaves or free hand in red, white and blue. Layer the flowers. Add straight stitches of embroidery floss to embellish. (Optional) Sew or glue two or three layers with a button in center. Play with combinations. “Audition” and arrange around hoop. When you are pleased with the look. Take a photo. Use this as guide to glue flowers in place.

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