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yummy brainy cuppycake Kitty!
Its Zombie but if want regular Kitty im sure you can add another cupcake to the other side for the 2 ear effect!

Posted by Hailee F. from Clinton, Maryland, United States • Published

  • Step 1

    make your cupcakes!! if u add a box of pudding corresponding to your cake mix it makes them super moist.

    I did rainbow tiedye just to add color

  • How to decorate an animal cake. Hello Kitty Cupy Cake - Step 2
    Step 2

    put them in the shape of Kitty! its basically an oval with 3 cupcakes on one corner

  • Step 3

    Freeze it!!!

    Freezing doesnt hurt the cake it just makes it easier to ice it...the iccing freezes over in seconds after you put it there so no iccing jumping over! :)

  • Step 4

    ice it white! (forgot picture)

    if you have bumps or such put your knife in hot water and sweep over t till its smooth.

    you may have a little trouble i know i did.... you may just want to pipe it all but make sure to fill the holes first!!

  • Step 5

    freeze again so the iccing stays. It doesnt have to be as long as the freeze before just long enough that it hardens.

  • How to decorate an animal cake. Hello Kitty Cupy Cake - Step 6
    Step 6

    Use green to make the brain area and the bow... then use a dark color (I used black) to outline your kitty!!

  • Step 7

    keep it in the fridge till about 2 hours before you are about to eat it...

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