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A small plush in attempt to make Haunter.
I made this plush for my friend who says his pokemon is Haunter, and since I didn't want to make him a Cyanide and Happiness plush (because I really don't want to make more -__- lol ) I decided this would be just as good.
Once again, I apologize for the bad quality pictures. I swear he looks a lot better irl.
To make him, I kinda just winged it. I looked up tons of Haunter pictures in different poses and such and made my decisions for cutting the purple felt from there. I decided to cut out his shape once, then i made a small plush circle, hot glued the first outline on there, then hot glues the other part to the back of the circle plush. It was kinda tricky because I inly had one piece of purple felt and I didn't want to mess up. I made the arms out of small pieces of felt cut out like claws.
He came out alright. Hopefully if I ever try to make him again, he will come out better. :)

Posted by Wendy~ from Moreno Valley, California, United States • Published See Wendy~'s 9 projects »


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Wendy~ · Moreno Valley, California, US · 9 projects
Well I can leave some tips, if that helps. First find a picture of Haunter that is face forward and use that as your outline. Cut one slightly bigger than the other. Then, sew up a circle than is the size of the middle of Haunter and fill it. then just hot glue both of the outlines to either side of the circle. I know that sounds super confusing, but I'll try and make a tutorial soon. ~ Happy
Anne · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US
Hey, he isn't that bad. He looks like haunter Tongue I wish you'd make a how-to, though. When I wing it.. it messes up.. XD

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