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Rapture Costumiers Renaissance Lolita
Bra Corset. Most Comfy Thing You Will Ever Wear.
Scarf Outfits
Harem Pants And Jump Suit
harem pants that are very tall

I over killed on the height of the fabric, its almost taller than me. So if you make these make sure you make them a little shorter than ur shoulders lol. I love how light they are but they didnt turn out perfectly, not bad for a first try though. I even put lil cuffs on the legs

How To Make A Churidar Salwar

How To Make A Churidar Salwar

Great indian trousers

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How To Make Yoga Pants Skinny

How To Make Yoga Pants Skinny

make your wide legged yoga pants in to nice chic skinnys

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Chibi Pants

Chibi Pants


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Wrap Pants

Wrap Pants

wrap pants

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Restyling Pants

Restyling Pants

Because the style of pants keeps changing

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Patiala Salwar

Patiala Salwar

how to make a genie pants

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Hayley M.
Hayley M. · Birmingham, England, GB · 12 projects
they are uber comfy . soz to ppl about the 9 images I had a mess up when setting this up and forgot to save so it looked like they vanished oh well. To make them you get your stretchy material, so its about 3-4 metres, i think. Basically it was about 40 inch each side, work out where you want the ankles to be and make mini trousers at the bottom, that I pleated but it didnt do much lol. and the join to a point, so basically your doing a square with both legs at far corners and it goes up in the middle at the bottom. pleat the top down to your size, 35 inches in my case. put on a waistband, put on ankle cuffs and voila. Suggestion though would be to do it at maybe 60 round or less, 80 was a lil OTT and makes it volumous if you like how it looks though then do it at 80.
Eva · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US · 65 projects
I love them! I collect onesies/jumpsuits/overalls and have always wanted to make myself one. And the pants are just great! They look wonderfully comfy too.

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