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Make a set of Hanging Vases

Posted by micaela.hoo from San Francisco, California, United States • Published See micaela.hoo's 8 projects »
  • How to make a hanging planter. Hanging Vases - Step 1
    Step 1

    1. Collect some small vases. Many options would work, but after I searched many stores, I decided on simple salt & pepper shakers. They were just the size I was looking for and the screw threads were going to be perfect for holding on to my twine. At Target they were $1.99 for a pair.

    2. Cut your wood board into four pieces. I chose my frame to be 23 x 14″ and I just had the nice men at Home Depot cut mine for me before I left so having your own table saw isn’t totally necessary.

    3. Figure out the spacing between each of your vases. In my case, I found the middle at 11.5″, I made a mark and then measured out 5.75″ in both directions, made a mark and did that same thing one more time.

    4. Use a drill to make a hole on each of your 5 marks.

    5. Using your wood glue, apply a line to the edge of one of your long pieces and stick a short piece onto it. I used a level standing up next to it to support it as well as make sure I was getting my frame perfectly straight. Do the same on the other end of your long bottom piece and set the other short side.

    6. Apply wood glue along the top of your short sides and set the other long piece atop them. Use a cloth to clean up the excess wood glue and then set something with some weight to it on the top corners. Allow your glue to dry for about 8 hours.

    7. After you’ve waited for the glue to dry, your frame is ready to be painted! This frame would look lovely with a warm stain but I just can’t stay away from color and I have a special weakness for turquoise so turquoise it became!

    8. While waiting for your paint/stain to dry, prepare your vases for hanging. Cut pieces of twine about 2 feet long and tie it around the neck of your vases. I wrapped my twine around the neck about 1.5 times and then tucked it around itself 3 times so that the remaining twine hanged exactly across from the other end of twine. In order to get my twine through my holes, I used a tiny bit of tape to keep the twine from un-winding.

    9. Decide how long you’d like each vase to hang and then tie the twine in a knot that’s too big to fall through your hole and cut the excess twine.

  • How to make a hanging planter. Hanging Vases - Step 2
    Step 2

    10. Now fill your lovely hanging vase with pretty little flowers and admire your handy work!

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