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my personal pretty invites i'm picky and made my own! saved a tun
i made these for my wedding as again black and purple are hard to come by plus this was is really affordable. we made i think close to 100 of these so yeah way cheaper.

you will want heavy card stock for this. i picked black and a deep purple color form close to my heart scrapbooking. also you will need vellum paper the kind you can put into your printer.

big advice on this print them one page a t a time and let dry a good 20 min these smear super easy and take a while to dry at least mine did. we fit a few on a page and i think only needed two packages of vellum.

i found and image i really loved online to it might be hard to see but the wings are popped up off the page also. the inside has some crikut hearts cut out of it two i can't remember the cartrage name it had like guitars on the front though. i borrowed it :/

also there are little hearts punched into the front and its tied closed with a chuck of thin ribbon.

now all you need is an army to help ya put this all together i had about 6 women help me and it took us most of a saterday. but it depends on how many people you have and how much you b.s. :P

i did my wedding on a whole whopping 300$ but i made all my stuff myself and we got the church free and did a pot luck reception. and we had a good 100 people or so on the list. we got married on Halloween also. so yeah all black and purple even my wedding dress!

ok all that in mind let me show you how this goes.

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  • Step 1

    i made my cards 6 tall and 12 in acrost that way i could just cut my 12in by 12in scrapbooking pages right in half.

    now just cut out how many ever you will need plus about 5 more. you will muck a few up for sure and you always seem to need an extra because you forgot to add someone to the list.

  • How to make an invitation card. Handmade Goth Wedding Invitations. - Step 2
    Step 2

    now take your image you want on the front. i drew mine up. you want to print these at like a 4x6 regular picture size. you can print them on reg ol printer paper since your gluing it down on card stock.

    now to get the swanky wing pop i did its a pain but you have to take an exato knife and cut around the wing from where it touches the heart around the wing and back to the heart. do not cut the wing off leave where it connects to the heart attached. then you will have to lay a piece of paper that just a bit bigger tha your wing, under it and trace it.

    now you need to fold the paper you traced over.

    this will be your template. you will want to do this for the other side my wings arn't exactly the same :(

    now cut a set of these for each card from heavy white card stock.

    then fold them in half and glue to the back of your cut out wing.

    you will need to cut your image piece in half right down the center.

    i suggest you use a scrapbooking cutter and not scissors so you get spank strait lines.

  • Step 3

    now you will want to cut out your printed vellum with all you info on them. mine were 6 in tall and 4in wide. but this will depend really on how much words your fitting on the paper as long as it fits on the back panel your good. and the back panel will be 6in by 6 in.

    you can throw some decorative borders on this as well.

  • Step 4

    now you will need to cut out your die cuts i did this tribal design in purple that went under my velum and two hears for each inside panel of my card. make sure you make enough for the extra cards. and probably a few more just in case some get lost.

  • How to make an invitation card. Handmade Goth Wedding Invitations. - Step 5
    Step 5

    now we have all our pieces? good!

    start with scoring and folding your cards. i would use a scrabooking scoring tool so that you get nice crisp edges.

    to make this double door card you will want to score 3 in from each side so that when you fold in they meet in the middle.

    so score at 3 in and then again at 9 in

  • How to make an invitation card. Handmade Goth Wedding Invitations. - Step 6
    Step 6

    now assembly time!

    i would get an assembly line going each person doing one part of the card so that its faster and you only need so many cutters, punches etc.

    start by gluing the printed image to the outside flaps. glue down the other bit of your cut out wing flap as well making sure its under your paper.

    then repeat with other side. and that the front

  • How to make an invitation card. Handmade Goth Wedding Invitations. - Step 7
    Step 7

    now for the inside you want to glue your die cuts down first i did two hearts one to the top on one flap and the bottom on the other. also if your doing a die cut under your vellum glue it down first.

    then you will glue your vellum down. there is special vellum glue that you can't see threw the vellum. but if you don't want to glue it at all you can use a heart hole punch and punch threw both the card and the vellum and tie ribbons to hold it in place instead. i did both.

  • Step 8

    now for these cards you will have to make custom envelopes. i went to martha stewart.com and looked at her envelope making page.

    to close up your cards just punch a hole in the fount of both panels and tie with ribbon.

    also i made rsvp cards that are super simple just print your image from your card to standard post card size and glue it to the back of a past card. you can buy these or make them yourself by drawing the whole post card center line on the back of the cardstock you printed your image out on. and then just address them and wright like this

    mr and mr so n so

    [] will be attending
    [] will not be attending

    and they can just check which box. also add your phone number to the bottom just in case. its also etiquette to put a stamp on these plus post card stamps are pretty cheep.

    you can google proper wedding invitation protical it's kinda head spinning there's even a correct order in which you put all of it in the envelope.

    now a word to the wise on mailing these i would take one and go to your post office ahead of time and have them weigh them to see what kind of postage you need. i needed special stamps for mine since there heaver than the required letter weight. but i had a bunch of stuff stuffed into mine not just the card. but you will want to make sure plus this way you can pick out swanky stamps to match your cards like nifty Halloween ones!

    you don't want to get stuck sticking obama on the front of your wedding invite! and if you make your own envelopes use special envelope glue or tape them down! i put some cute stickers over my flaps since the glue was being finicky. and when you mail them if your mailing a lot you will want to rubber band them together in groups of in town and out of town.
    well that's what my mail person said anyway.

    think that's it lol fell free to message me with any questions would love to see some of your pretty wedding invites!

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Destiney Y.
Destiney Y. · Green River, Utah, US · 36 projects
lol no my sewing skills arnt that good i bought it offs a prom websight for 40$!
Dragoness · 28 projects
did u make ur own wedding dress?

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