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vanilla and chocolate= very sweet
well i saw this decoration idea originally on here!

what you need:
1 box of butter yellow cake mix
1 box of chocolate cake mix
(all ingredients according to box to make cupcakes)

1 can of vanilla frosting
1 can of chocolate frosting
food coloring in red, green, yellow
paper cupcake liners
foil cupcake liners
zip-lock bags

Posted by Meg D. from Milford, Connecticut, United States • Published

  • Step 1

    1. i baked 12 of the yellow cupcakes and 12 of the chocolate in the paper liners. After they had cooled off I used ONLY THE CUPCAKE TOPS!
    1.a) use can of vanilla frosting and split up equally into three bowls, drop in 24 drops of yellow in bowl one, 24 drops of red in bowl two, and 24 drops of green in bowl three.Mix each bowl separately and well.
    1.b)spoon each color into its own zip lock back and sip a small hole in corner of the bag, also spoon some chocolate frosting in a zip lock bag and snip the corner to create a small hole.
    2. I cut off all the cupcakes tops to make the buns and burger patties****

    ( I'm not a huge fan of doing this because out of a 24 cupcakes you will only end up with six hamburger cakes..its wasteful.. feel free to experiment with cupcake bottoms and what not for the patty and bottom buns)
    3. i put the bottom bun of each burger in a stretched out foil wrapper and squeezed some chocolate frosting from a zip lock bag on to it and then placed the burger patty on top. Do this to all of them.
    4. Then i squeezed the yellow frosting in to a square form , the red into three tomato shaped circles and filled in the gaps with a lettuce green frosting.
    5. Finally i added the top buns, but i skipped out on the sesame seeds ..its optional of course.

    Overall this project took a lot of product and a good amount of money and time... i would like to think of away to make it simpler and less wasteful so i can make them for a large event like thanksgiving.

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