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hama/perler bead bows
Based on a couple of Hama/Perler beading bow projects I found on this site and loved.


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  • How to make a pegboard bead charm. Hama / Perler Beads Bows - Step 1
    Step 1

    Arrange your hama/perler beads into a design you like (I found this bow pattern (and all others shown here) online).

  • Step 2

    Next place grease proof paper (super easy to find and buy, check supermarkets and food stores etc.) on top of your design.

    This will stop your hama/perler beads from sticking to the iron, making the design easier to remove from the board supplied with your hama/perler beads.

  • Step 3

    Set your iron to "hot"/"linen" WITHOUT putting water in it then iron your beads on the "hot"/"linen" setting.

    I ironed my beads for roughly a minute per pattern, broken into 10 second intervals, moving the iron in small circles.

  • Step 4

    Wait for the design to cool - when the grease proof paper had cooled and started to peel off of my design of it's own accord I left it all alone for an additional 2 minutes before removing it.

  • Step 5

    Take more grease proof paper and place your design on top of it -ironed side down.

    Place more grease proof paper on top of your design, sandwich it between the 2 pieces of grease proof paper.

    Iron your design more to melt the non-ironed side - this will help to stop it from falling apart, making it stiffer.

    You do not have to iron both sides, if you like the look of the un-ironed side leave it as it is.

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