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Yeahhh thia was so much fun!
Yesterday at halloween, my sister and me decided to take our birthday dresses, that i had made and we hadnt worn anyways and make zombie costumes.
we hadnt a real big party, but anybody who passed by was impressed and we got many compliments!there were many jealous ones too!
so this isnt so popular in germany but this was way to much fun. we also got another invitation to a party that evenong!
i will definitly do this again in summer, cause it was a little bit cold with those short short dresses^^

but we will definetly go on a hunt for brains again!

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The Twins
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i wear mine to school some day.
the paint has litlle cracks and you can peel it a bit of, but its not gone.
i used flour, water, cacao and food colouring and it worked great.
sorry that it took so long for me to answer
i hope your costume gets great anyways

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what happened to your costumes after you used them? do you still have them? I'm doing a bloody bride costume and i'm unsure of what blood to use, fabric paint costs a fortune but i'm unsure of how dried corn syrup/blood stores??

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