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Collectively creepy.
I love making ATC's; especially hand-drawn ones. I know ive made at least 200 by now, its addictive. lol I obviously cant show them all, so i thought id just show recent ones from the "Halloween ATC Swap" and some more halloweenish ones ive done in the past. Some of these still dont have homes!! ;)
Halloweens pretty much daily for me anyway.

~Zombie cards: The first one has a moving eyeball, the 2nd is a former-zombie-killer zombie. lol
~ Day of the Dead/sugar skull girls cards
~ Witch Card: Explains what the word witch was originally used for.
~Mummy Card: It has butterflies in it b/c eqyptians wrapped their mummies in "coccoons" thinking they would turn into something more grand in the afterlife. Like butterflies.
~8th pic: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac themed cards (i thought they were gorey halloween enough)

The rest are pretty much self-explanitory. Vampires, zombies, voodoo dolls, bats, body parts, and gore with glitter. lol
I just threw the blow-dryer one in there cuz i thought it was pretty. :D
And the last pic is some 'extra stuff' i threw in for the halloween swap.

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DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
lol i know. But i love him too... ive made loads of JTHM cards...people probably think im crazy.
I actually made the "Z?" one after i got that tattooed behind my ear.
Andrea · Austin, Texas, US · 45 projects
<3 jthm, not too many people know about that

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