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the next piece of the gypsy punk collection!! Originally, i designed this bag for an accessorie collection for university which was inspired by The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and ancient stuff. I think it´s so cute that i added it to my to-do-list!
I called it "Pillow" bag because the look is inspired by old pillows!
The basic fabric is corduroy. i added scraps of different fabrics like the never-ending paisley jacquard, cream and black batiste, cream lace and a self-painted Gogol Bordello patch. At the sides and bottom of the bag i inserted a fringe trim.
for closure i glued in a purse frame with loops for the handle. i thought it´s easy, but it isn´t!
as handle i simply clipped on a keychain, maybe i will make a longer and scrappy handle one day, but at the moment i like that look :)
i had all stuff at home but i think the material costs are about 12€ as a whole plus keychain.
sorry, some photos are missing, i hope you get what i mean, if not just ask!

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  • How to make a handle bag. Gypsy Punk Revolt "Pillow" Bag - Step 1
    Step 1

    draw a pattern of the shape for the bag: basically a rectangle as wide as the outer edge of your frame and as long as you want, i simpy trace around the outer edge of the pruse frame and go from there. i rounded the lower corners as well and gave the long sides a slightly curve outwards. don´t forget to mark where the frame ends
    maybe draw patterns for the scraps you wanna add (you can probably do it freehand)

  • Step 2

    *2 of your bag pattern out of basic fabric
    *2 of your bag pattern out of lining
    *your scraps
    don´t forget seam allowances all the way round!!

  • Step 3

    sew your scraps onto one of your bag pieces as desired.

  • How to make a handle bag. Gypsy Punk Revolt "Pillow" Bag - Step 4
    Step 4

    pin your fringe trim to both sides (and the bottom) of the other bag piece. the fringe-thingys should be pointing inwards and the whole thing should be ending at your marks. baste the trim to the bag piece but be sure to baste inside of your seam allowance.

  • Step 5

    lay the bag pieces onto each other and sew around the sides and bottom (right sides should be facing) but stop at your marking for the purse frame.

  • Step 6

    as well, sew together the sides and the bottom of your lining right side on right side and stop at the mark for the purse frame.

  • How to make a handle bag. Gypsy Punk Revolt "Pillow" Bag - Step 7
    Step 7

    put the turned outer bag into the lining bag so right sides are facing each other and sew from mark to mark at each side leaving a gap in the middle of one side.

  • Step 8

    turn over the bag through the gap and close the gap with a slipstitch by hand or just sew over it.

  • Step 9

    here´s a tutorial to attach the frame, i didn´t use chord because the fabric is thick enough to stay:

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