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Gumball Machine

a sweet sweet badge - see what i did there, puns, i love them. • Posted by katie

i made this as a birthday present for a friend, hope you like it!

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i made this as a birthday present for a friend, hope you like it!


  1. Small p110610 23.25 1276431354

    make a white ball and squish it, make it more of an oval shape and flatten it slightly at one end.

  2. Small p110610 23.26 1276431473

    make a red cube. flatten it and pinch in the sides so it looks a bit like a trapezium. attach it to the flattened end of the white oval.

  3. Small p110610 23.30 1276432151

    on top on the red bottom add a small white circle. make a strip of red and mould it around the top of the large white oval.

  4. Small p110610 23.42 1276431682

    now take lots of very small pieces of coloured fimo. turn the into small balls and put them next to each other.

  5. Small p110610 23.43 1276431754

    flatten the balls. they should flatten into one shape. choose which side looks best and the put it on the white oval. fill up the gumball machine as much as you want with these.

  6. Small p110610 23.45 1276431878

    when you've done that you should bake the fimo and stick a badge back on to it.