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Grrrr Monster Purse!

Awesomocity in a bag. What more do you need in life? • Posted by Carol Marley

A quickie with adorable results! i didn't take pictures as i went, but hopefully the pics that i did add will help out some. :D

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A quickie with adorable results! i didn't take pictures as i went, but hopefully the pics that i did add will help out some. :D


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    First, we make ze teeth. Get your white fabric, and cut out a rectangle as long lengthwise as your purse-flap, and about twice as tall as you want the teeth to be long. Using a sewing machine with red thread, sew a teeth-like zig-zag pattern on the white fabric where you'd like your teeth to be. cut out the teeth and hot glue gun or sew onto the flap of your purse and trim the inside!

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    Cut out two white ovals to be used as eyes. Hot glue gun them wherever you want your eyes to be.. cut out two small brown felt iris and hot glue them on... if you want, add tiny white triangles to make the iris look like it is shiny!!

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    Take some blue suede, and glue on some slanted eyelids for your little fella. HOKAY. My fabric started to fray a bit at this point, and so this is what i did to prevent that: 1) make a mixture of 1 part white paint and 1 part tacky glue. 2)paint over the edges of all of the white bits of fabric (make sure you paint in the direction of the fibers, otherwise you'll make it worse..) 3)make a mixture of 1 part blue paint and 1 part tacky glue 4) paint over the edges of the eyelids. ------------------------------------- i used a hair blow-dryer to make the paint dry faster...

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    wind a looong length of purple yarn around your hand - a bunch of times. i couldn't say how many exactly.. and then snip both ends of the loops so that you have a bunch of (hopefully) equal length yarn/hairs. hot glue dem suckas on! 1)look at the top of your purse. there is a flatish bit at the top. hot glue up there, and gradually add yarn. 2)let the yarn hang down in back for now 3)i didn't glue the yarn to my bag's forehead because there is a pocket there... but you could if you are so desirous.

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    Now for the finishing touch! A bow. Tie your own or do like i did and use a hair clippie. either way, glue it down onto the hair (but not to the purse underneath). Aaaaaaaaaand your done! Hurrah!

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    FINISHING TOUCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - paint the hair bow the same color as the outline of the monster's eyelids. -tuck the yarn hanging down the back of the purse into a pocket and glue it in there real good (or cut a slit in the fabric and use that (see picture.)) -Sharpie over any paint that you smudged onto your black purse. -add eyelashes, or a tongue, or anything to make your monster purse your own!!!