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Quilled Griffin Box
I find it difficult to make things for my husband, but recently I went ahead and decided to make him a box. We both love blue, so I painted the box cobalt blue, and spent a lot of time working on the Griffin I quilled* on the front.

PLEASE click on the picture of the Griffin to make it larger so you can see the full design.
This is the top of the box I made for him, and another shot of the box from the side to just get a better idea of what it looks like.

I guessed on the time I put down. I figure it took me over 5 hours, under 10. A lot of the time was working on figuring out how to do the design, and then quilling itself is a slow process.

* Quilling, also known as paper filigree, is an art where you take strips of paper, roll them into shapes, and create a design.

Posted by Faith McKay from Portland, Oregon, United States • Published

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Faith McKay
Faith McKay · Portland, Oregon, US · 1 project
Hello, lovely people who left comments below! I never saw them, but finding them 5-7 years later has been a pleasant surprise. It's nice to see you appreciated this project, it's always been one of my favorites Happy
MaybeAViking · 16 projects
=( I have quilling paper but no tools. Must trek to craft store!
More on quilling and kits: http://www.quilledcreations.com/
Roxanne M.
Roxanne M. · Chicago, Illinois, US · 27 projects
i used to quill! long ago when i was 11 thought it went ou tof style im glad somebody is bringing it back
merve · 11 projects
ı havent know this method but ı love. good job;)
Alexa S.
Alexa S. · 7 projects
Oh god, I know exactly how much work that takes..... I used to do paper quilling.... I quit after the first week...lol. Looks fabulous (a lot better than mine did!) and keep on making them! : )
mlc1803 m.
mlc1803 m. · Chihuahua, Chihuahua, MX
it must have taken you a long time but it was definitely worth the time! its so beautiful!
northernstar · Flateyri, Westfjords, IS · 35 projects
So, pretty and amazing, really! It looks like hard work.
· Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, US · 23 projects
This is sooooooooooo beautiful!
kermit · Maastricht, Limburg, NL · 8 projects
you did a great job! I've tried paper filigree a few times and I know how much time it takes... really wel done!
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Wow, it's so detailed. I'd love a tute on quilling, if possible? pretty please
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