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Dragon Scaled Greybeard Cloak
The scaled cloak features dozens of dragon scales sewn together. Two giant exterior pockets are disguised as large decorative scales on the sides and every cloak I make also has a hidden pocket. This piece has a grey paisley satin lining. The triangle chest place conceals the zipper that fastens this piece closed. All the fringe was made by hand from a soft wool fabric and was securely locked in to prevent any further fraying.

These super warm cloaks are perfect for winter. Winter is coming, be ready!

This garment was inspired by the peaceful Greybeards of High Hrothgar in Skyrim. After close examination of the outfit in question I have come up two designs. The first being the one presented here, the other a female version that has a higher keyhole in the front, completely excludes the triangle chest piece and features a more Curvy cut.


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