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fun and easy, black and white shot
this picture was taken in my school photography class :) hope you like it

its fun and easy to make all you have to do is change the setting on a camera so that its black and white, then flash away till you get the shot you wanted


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Crystal Granite
Crystal Granite · Rancho Cordova, California, US · 3 projects
Back when all the cameras took film I would use b&w film but have it processed as 1 hr color film. The results were just stunning ; more like an aged b&w pic with rich chocolate & cream colors. Of course the photo tech may put up an argument, but just tell him/her to trust you and process it that way. I promise you will not be disappointed. I'm not sure if you used a digital cam for your pic since you mentioned changing the setting in the body and mentioned film on the supply list but your picture is beautiful!