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cute gathered skirt
this is a super cute punk or goth or whatever style skirt i totaly re- purposed out of a set of curtains and some left over scrap fabric. and just a bit of elastic. my pictures dont do it justice :/ you might not need a whole 2 yards i seriously just grabbed this last piece of gauzy scrap i had which was just a bit longer than my waist length. so yeah you will only need enough to go around you. the length of it the gathered part was reg bolt length. and i just cut the under skirt from some scraps.

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  • How to make a bubble skirt. Goth Kei/Punk Scrunch Skirt  - Step 1
    Step 1

    we will start with the under skirt. which is totaly optional. i did this because my fabric was super sheer. so you wana skip this go ahead. but i love how the ends poke out the bottom.

    anywho, take a measurement (yes the math part >.<) of your waist and how long you want the skirt.

    now to make the triangle pattern piece take the length you want your skirt and mark a ling that long onto your paper. then make a line at the top so its 2in out from this line on both sides 4in all together. then about 2in from the bottom of your line draw a six inch line so you have 3in on each side. then connect the dots till it looks like this

    now you can fiddle with the width a bit to make the bottom wider if you want.

    now take your waist measurement and divide it by 4 mines 32 so i got 8 so i cut 8 pieces. dont forget to put in seam allowances. since your going to sew these up together i you want to have 1/4 in x how many pieces you cut... never mind i hate math just cut an extra piece or two!

    sorry i totally wing most of this so its hard to type out my muddled thought process. lol

    now with your top fabric you want to ge about 2x the length of what you want it to be because were going to gather it up.

  • How to make a bubble skirt. Goth Kei/Punk Scrunch Skirt  - Step 2
    Step 2

    ok now take two of your pieces and sew them together like so. i left my bottoms un-hemmed cuz i wanted that whole falling apart stringy undone look. but you can hem them if you want first or just hem them all up when you get them all together. up to you. just keep sewing them together till you have all the pieces together in a circle.

    put this part aside.

  • How to make a bubble skirt. Goth Kei/Punk Scrunch Skirt  - Step 3
    Step 3

    ok now take your top fabric the stuff you want to gather. and sew a gather stitch across the top. again i didn't hem any of this because i want it falling apart. but if you want hem it up before you gather. then just pull the string till its scrunched down to your waste size that we measured. tie off teh string so it dosen't un-gather on you.

  • How to make a bubble skirt. Goth Kei/Punk Scrunch Skirt  - Step 4
    Step 4

    now at even intervulls your going to want to throw in another gather stitch. you can divide your waist length evenly so that you can measure exactly... or you can do my old fold in half then fold in half again and mark the corners with pins trick. up to you. now sew vertically with a gather stitch down the front of your fabric (the red lines) and gather it up like you did the waist until its as gathered or as short as you want. make sure tp tie off your string ends really well. also i back stitched at the tops since i only gathered from the bottom.

  • How to make a bubble skirt. Goth Kei/Punk Scrunch Skirt  - Step 5
    Step 5

    ok for this picture the black is the under skirt adn the purple is the gathered fabric ignore the grey spot paint hates me! and the purple are the gathers.

    ok lay your top piece over your bottom and stitch them together at the top. you don't HAVE to do this but i did cuz my gauzy fabric was sliding everywhere!

  • How to make a bubble skirt. Goth Kei/Punk Scrunch Skirt  - Step 6
    Step 6

    ok for the waiste part ok for the top you want to cut a peice the length of your waist and about 4 in tall them hem bth long ends fold in half and put the elastic inside of it.

    now sew the ends together.

  • How to make a bubble skirt. Goth Kei/Punk Scrunch Skirt  - Step 7
    Step 7

    now try not to laugh yourself silly at my paint skills. but put the top part that you folded over on the top of your skirt this is why i had you hem it first so you can just top stitch over the top.

    i put a bow at the back because my measuring skills suck and my top piece was like 1/2 inch to small so voila embellishment lol.

  • How to make a bubble skirt. Goth Kei/Punk Scrunch Skirt  - Step 8
    Step 8

    to do this take a long peice of ribon or i used a scrap of fabric from my bottom fabric and just folded it in half and sewed verticaly down the fold onto my skirt then tie your bow up.

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Destiney Y.
Destiney Y. · Green River, Utah, US · 36 projects
yeah i kinda just wing things depending on how much fabric i have so its kinda hard to explain plus i'm self taught sewing so i have NO idea on technical terms :/
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
took me a while to get that you´re making some sort of gored skirt, but that´s a nice idea, i think i should make one!

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