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She wrestled a bear once
If you visit my website you may notice that a few of my dolls are either dark, grotesque or risqué lol and a few are just comical but this one I made because I wanted to make something cute, if even slightly demented. I had recently acquired a porcelain doll (huzzah for clearing out a hoarders house), nothing special or unique but she ended up falling apart and was raggedy in a few places so I decided to scavenge parts of her, in this case her hair. I formed the face on a plastic ball and allowed it to dry thoroughly, repaired the cracks and painted her a nice light complexion complete with rosy cheeks. Again, as is the case with most of my dolls, her body is a small block of balsa wood with holes drilled for her arms and legs. In this case though her arms are just wire and her hands are clay molded one in the other, reason being was that since her sleeves were long and I wanted her to clasp her hands I didnt need to bother with making arms with dowels. Her legs are made of dowels tapered to a little rounded point. Her knees are tabs made of wood and connected with a small amount of wire. Her hair was secured with hot glue and her clothes were made for me by my "idea keeper" Precious aye? I'll be sure to post my Little Red Ridinghood soon as well. Please ask for any tips and trick I'm more than willing to share and if you have the time stop by my website or Fan my page on Facebook!

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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaaw sooo cute and adorable but you're right she looks a little demented too.LOL xxx
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Too cute for a porridge stealer...Lol
Scraphoarder · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 11 projects
OOh Happy So pretty!!! I loved your Red Goblin too!!!! But this ha ha...Totally different like you said from the usual genre Happy I think im going to have to give sculpting a try Happy Awesome!

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