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Gold Flames Manicure + How To Work With Nail Foils

Learn how easy is to create unique effect with nail foils! • Posted by Lucy's Stash

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  1. Small gold flames step 1

    Step 1: Prepare all things you'll need: Basecoat Nail polish Topcoat Foil glue or Best Glue ever craft glue Nail foil (mylar foil) pieces, 1 piece per nail small brush and cup with water

  2. Small gold flames step 2

    Step 2: Paint your nails with basecoat and nail polish and let it dry

  3. Small gold flames step 3

    Step 3: Apply foil glue in short strokes to the nails starting from the tip. Use less and less glue towards the middle of the nail so it creates gradient effect or flames. Wash your brush when done otherwise it will be ruined.

  4. Small gold flames step 4

    Step 4: When glue is dry (becomes transparent) take piece of foil and start dabbing it in short motions to the nail. Repeat until you're happy with the foil coverage.

  5. Small gold flames step 6

    Step 5: Apply topcoat. You can create two-coloured effect by re-applying the foil glue again and differently coloured foil.