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A quick and easy paper project to add decoration to noticeboards and walls.
This is a really simple, afternoon project.

All you need to do is find a template (or design one yourself, I did) of a fish, or any animal and draw it onto some patterned paper. I used an Oriental style Chinese dragon patterned paper to make the fish template.

Then cut three or four small strips of glittery card out to look like marks on a fish' side. Attach them using glue. Attach two sequins, the first must be bigger than the second one, as they eye. Use silicone glue as these can be tricky to apply.

Now, in the photo, I uploaded the card I used as the base, was from a birthday card that looked like an ocean background, but you can get the same effect using glitter and glue. Although, just using dark blue card with glitter can provide you with the same finished effect.

Then, attach the fish to the card using sticky foam pads (not sure of the name), this gives your decor a 3D effect and you're done! :)


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