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How to make glitter writing that won't come off without expensive supplies
I've been looking through my old sketchbooks and journals and I've realisedI don't have enough glitter in my life anymore, I used to use it in a lot of my artwork and illustrations, I'll share some of the better pictures from them soon. I tend to use a lot of writing in my line drawings and one thing I've found really works well is glitter writing

With valentines day coming up there are loads of ideas and tutorials for card making around the web, I fell in love with this embroidered "knit" heart tutorial from good knits.com Give it a go, it's really easy and great for using up small scraps of wool. I decided to make a load and add a glitter message so I could use them as super late thankyou cars from Christmas.

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  • How to make  an embellished card. Glitter Writing - Step 1
    Step 1

    Mix together one part glue, one part water and enough paint to just show up on paper, otherwise it can get really tricky later on, I used yellow as it's a lighter colour than all of my glitters but you could use a matching/complimenting colour if you're using a light coloured glitter.
    If you're not feeling confidant about writting with a paintbrush or your positioning write your message out faintly in pencil first otherwise you can end up a bit off kilter like this card.

  • How to make  an embellished card. Glitter Writing - Step 2
    Step 2

    Write out your message in the glue mixture, following your pencil guide if you used one. I needed to dip my brush before every stroke to keep a consistent line, if you're doing more than a word you may need to do them one at a time and glitter them straight afterwards as the glue dries out fast.

  • How to make  an embellished card. Glitter Writing - Step 3
    Step 3

    As soon as you've finished with the glue pour on your glitter then shake it off, make sure you put a couple of sheets of paper down so you can easily pick it up and resprinkle the glitter onto the next card.

    At this point if you have spray adhesive take your card outside and give the writting a coat, making sure you hold paper over any parts you might want to keep adhesive free. If you don't have spray adhesive you can carefully paint non watered down pva glue over the letters otherwise the glitter will all rub off in the envelope.

  • How to make  an embellished card. Glitter Writing - Step 4
    Step 4

    And there you have your glitter written card, enjoy. x

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