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○First prep your nails by removing any excess cuticle and shape your nail the way you like. Prime them using acetone to remove any dirt and oils from your nails.

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  • Step 1

    ○Apply base coat.
    ○Apply a soft french manicure pink to the entire nail.
    ○Next, apply a white polish to your tips (you can use a tip guide to do this step).
    ○Apply a clear polish to the tips once the white is dry, and whilst the clear polish is still wet, sprinkle a fine irredescent pale pink glitter onto the tips and gently press the glitters in using your fingertip, leave to completely dry.
    ○Using a fast drying top coat or nail glue, apply a drop where you would like to add your fimo bows...you can either use pre-cut fimo or buy the canes, which you can slice yourself. Place the fimo using tweezers and press down firmly, leave to dry.
    ○Finally, either use a good fast drying top coat or like me, a gel top coat and uv lamp.

    Your gorgeous new kitty nails are complete!
    Happy nailing ladies :)

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