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Glitter And Gold Starburst Ring

Stay gold pony boy with this glittery ring • Posted by Misfit Isle

Add a little sparkle to your outfit with this fun glittery statement ring.

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Add a little sparkle to your outfit with this fun glittery statement ring.


  1. Small tumblr ly2lqlrhnc1qd1rpm

    First you'll need to gather all your materials to make your project. You'll need to find a flat object to depress into the glaze to make the star burst shape, I use a triangle pin to make the shape.

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    Roll out your clay until it’s around a quarter inch thick. Then use a small cookie cutter to cut out a circle. However, you can cut out any shape you want to like a square or oval.

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    Make a groove shape in the center of your clay. Use a flat object to push into the clay. I used a triangle pin, and I went around the edge of the circle of clay pushing it in so it made a star burst depression. Just make sure there is enough of a groove to put the glitter in. Bake according to the directions on your clay’s packaging. Then allow to cool.

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    Spray paint. I used an 18 kt. gold spray paint. Then allow to dry.

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    Pour lots of colorful glitter into the star burst depression. Make sure you add a black and white glitter to your mixture of colors, I find it helps balance it out and give it dimension. Mix your glaze with a little water so it's not very thick. Take your paint brush and brush the glaze onto your design, go slowly so you don’t end up with a big clump of glitter. Allow to dry.

  6. Small ring

    Glue a ring back to your star burst. Once the glue dries, all that’s left is to put it on and style it up.