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Glam up your cam(era) straps for girls and guys!
I love this project because it's inexpensive and uses thrifted items. The photo above is a camera strap for her. It's made of chain with lace woven through it. You can use a chain from a thrifted handbag, find some around your house or hardware store or purchase the length you want from a bead shop.

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  • How to make a camera strap. Glam Your Cam(Era) Straps - Step 1
    Step 1

    This one is for a guy or gal. It's a thrifted belt with a keychain split ring attached. Again, you can find an old belt or buy one from the thrift shop. What's great about using a belt is that you can use the buckle to adjust it to the size you need!

  • How to make a camera strap. Glam Your Cam(Era) Straps - Step 2
    Step 2

    For the gal's strap, you'll need chain, ribbon or lace or whatever you want to use to weave through the chain. You could just use the chain by itself too. You'll also need a pair of pliers to open the chain link and a split ring that will fit your camera's hook on the side. Cut the chain to the length you'd like. Simply weave the lace through the chain until you reach the end. Open one of the links with pliers to attach a split ring and then through the other end of the chain. Close the link. Tie your lace in a bow. Attach the split ring to the hook on your camera.

  • How to make a camera strap. Glam Your Cam(Era) Straps - Step 3
    Step 3

    For the guy's strap I used a thrifted 1" braided belt, brads and a split keyring. Cut the belt in half. Fold one end of cut portion through the keyring. Using a brad, punch it through the top of the leather to the other side. Now do the other side. Connect the belt with the buckle, then attach the keyring to the hook on the side of your camera. If the key ring is too large, you can attach a smaller split ring to the keyring. If you're using a braided belt like I have, you'll need to make sure the brads are wrapped completely around the leather and crimped so it won't pull out. It would be easier to use a leather belt that isn't braided, but I like the texture of this one.

    Have FUN!

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