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Learn how-to get started with drawing with Wet Paint in St Paul, Minneapolis. • Posted by Shop Showcase

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    Pencils Color: There are 3 types of color pencils: -Regular color pencils are wax-like and creamy in texture -Watercolor pencils work like regular color pencils, but are water-soluble and allow for wash (watercolor) effects. -Pastel pencils are hard and chalky and can be smudged. Graphite: (commonly known as a lead pencil) is graphite baked with clay in varying proportions. This allows for hard, light tone pencils in the “H” range and soft, dark tone pencils in the “B” range. Think of it as a better quality #2 yellow pencil.

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    Charcoal Charcoal (burnt wood) creates velvety black marks and comes in different degrees of hardness and thickness. It is also available in pencil form.

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    Pastels Chalk pastels are soft and powdery. Oil pastels are more smeary and behave like rich crayons.

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    Erasers Erasers are useful for lightening or taking out tones. Kneaded erasers can be shaped to lift out fine detail. Vinyl erasers are good for general work. Pink Pearl works well for dense, stubborn marks.

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    Sharpeners Different tools give different points; sometimes the pencil dictates the tool.

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    Pen and Inks Technical pens yield uniform lines. Felt tip pens are inexpensive and give a pleasant bleeded line on soft paper. Pen holders and steel dip nibs give lines of varying widths and allow the option for drawing in color.