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imbrace your inner geek
ok so i having been searching for ages for some geek glasses and instead of paying 20 bucks for grandma glasses i though i could try and make my own.

Posted by dino from Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand • Published See dino's 2 projects »

You Will Need

  • How to make a pair of spectacles. Geek Glasses - Step 1
    Step 1

    ok so go buy some cheap sunglasses/glasses i got mine for $2 or you could use an old pair .

  • How to make a pair of spectacles. Geek Glasses - Step 2
    Step 2

    now pop out the lenses

  • Step 3

    ok so now you are basically done
    u can wear them how they are or you could try putting plastic were the lenses used to be

  • How to make a pair of spectacles. Geek Glasses - Step 4
    Step 4

    bam ! your done >_<

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jamie kraft
jamie kraft · 5 projects
so Taylor Swift chic!
joline v.
joline v. · 8 projects
I have don that my self a long time ago .. now
I have real fake glasses with glass in it .. ^^
Twinkle_Toes · Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory, AU · 37 projects
i am so going to the op shop and getting granny sunglasses 2mrw just to pop the lens' out of them. i would use my mums old ones but they make you look like a fly! bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
dino · Napier, Hawke's Bay, NZ · 2 projects
lol it's way easier ,i luv the nerd style ^_^
Margaret P.
Margaret P. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this!
Frankye B.
Frankye B. · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 7 projects
i buy old lady glasses form goodwill and pop the lens.
Boo_its_Brittany · Long Beach, California, US · 182 projects
I do this all the time! Happy!
My friends are always like "do you buy glasses just to pop the lenses out?" I'm like "yes...." XD!
They get much more wear without lenses. Sunglasses bug me. Haha.

Warning: people will poke you in the eye trying to see if theres lenses in your glasses.
Its happened to me many times :/!
Ponder · San Diego, California, US · 6 projects
i used those new 3D glasses that aren't the flimsy kind, and popped out the lenses...i personally think they look a bit more nerdy than urz, but that's my own opinion =P and good job...NERDS UNITE!!! lol

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