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Gathering Stitch

Extract from Bound • By Erica Ekrem • Published by Lark Crafts


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5 mins

A gathering stitch may be used to strengthen a long or running stitch binding by linking multiple signatures together. This stitch is often made while stitching the final signature of books that contain
from five to nine signatures. If you are making a thicker book with more signatures, you may gather the stitches on the fifth signature and again gather the next five signatures on the tenth signature.

Posted by GMC Group Published See GMC Group's 304 projects » © 2021 Erica Ekrem / Lark Crafts · Reproduced with permission. · Bound by Erica Ekrem, published by Lark (£14.99, available from

You Will Need

  • How to stitch . Gathering Stitch - Step 1
    Step 1

    Pull the thread to the outside of the signature. Guide the needle beneath the long stitches of the previous signatures and pull the thread back toward the final signature.

  • How to stitch . Gathering Stitch - Step 2
    Step 2

    Loop beneath the thread near the current sewing station and pull the thread tight until all threads gather and a knot is formed. Be sure to center the knot between the sewing stations.

  • How to stitch . Gathering Stitch - Step 3
    Step 3

    Reinforce the stitch by repeating this knot around all threads. Pull tight and enter into the next sewing station.

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