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Daenery Targaryen inspired maxi dress from bed sheet and old top.
I recently got hooked on the hbo series Game of Thrones and fell in love with the dresses Dany wear plus I really wanted a summer maxi dress long enough for me. So I decided to make one! :) (DISCLAIMER- The why I made my dress is truly unprofessional and there are probably much better ways to make it, but it got the job done!)P.S. Im really sorry if my directions are hard to follow.

Posted by Danielle H. from Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States • Published See Danielle H.'s 2 projects »

  • How to sew a maxi dress. Game Of Thrones Inspired Maxi Dress - Step 1
    Step 1

    Sew the bed sheet up long ways.

    Then pin the lace along were you sewed and sew the lace. Make sure to sew the other side of the lace to.

    After that iron down the top for a hem but don't sew it yet.

  • How to sew a maxi dress. Game Of Thrones Inspired Maxi Dress - Step 2
    Step 2

    Get a old shirt with a really cool pattern and cut it out with the top of the hem and straps. (Leave enough fabric a few inches from the hem so you can so the dress to it).

    Proceed to sew. When you finish sewing on the top of your dress sew the design. (I used this grey top because I didn't take pictures of the original).

  • Step 3

    This next part is kind of tricky. Cut the dress down the middle on the opposite side you sewed the lace. Then rap it around you to were the two ends meet at your back. Figure out how tight you want the dress to be.

    Keep your thumb on where you want to sew and so its not so tight give a couple of inches from your orginal mark then sew the back of the dress making it curve so you have more room towards the bottom.

  • How to sew a maxi dress. Game Of Thrones Inspired Maxi Dress - Step 4
    Step 4

    Then just adjust the length were you want, cut it, iron and hem it.

    If you have any extra fabric from your old shirt you can sew it on to the back like this.

    Then I just cut off all the extra fabric sew the straps into a halter and but beads on them. And Voila!

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Yvonne R.
Yvonne R. · 4 projects
BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing Happy
Steph. · Reading, England, GB · 212 projects
so pretty...!
Danielle H.
Danielle H. · Muskogee, Oklahoma, US · 2 projects

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