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Inspired by the Harry Potter Hall constellation ceiling
Well, this almost killed my hands, lungs and skin. But it was so worth it! It works on the same principle as the galaxy dr marten shoes that i did previously.
So for anyone attempting to do this, here are some tips:
1) Buy at least 4-5 bottles of black spray can, 2 bottles for the purple and blue. Or more!! Its so annoying to go out and buy it with your whole face covered in paint.
2)Please wear proper mask, goggles and gloves when doing this. i wore some specs and one glove and im pretty sure im going to die early from inhaling that much fumes as i was too lazy to buy one. and my whole face covered with spray paint. It was a total paint to remove it and my skin just died from the abuse.
3) Remember to cover the ceiling light, the floor and the rest of the furniture. If not, have fun cleaning it up.
4) Oh and the trickiest part would be spraying the white paint upwards for the stars and you need to experiment on the force you are using on the nozzle and your angle. I hate this part but its also the most important step to make your ceiling look more like a galaxy.

Well, thats all folks! Have fun!

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I made a proper step-by-step tutorial on this project here: https://www.eurekagirl.com/how-to-spray-paint-a-galaxy-on-your-ceiling/

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