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Gala Darling Mouse Ears

Make a hot pink beaded mouse ear headband with a super glitzy bow! • Posted by Cat Morley

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Hey guys, this is a bit of an odd Crafter To The Stars as our star pulled out, but we loved the way this headband ended up and wanted to share the tutorial with you anyway.

"Thank you so much! Can't wait to put 'em on my noggin!"

You may remember that we promised Gala Darling would be our next star back in August, but sadly she stopped responding after receiving the headband, so we don't have any photos of her modelling it or her interview answers to bring you. We bet she looks great in them and you can always check out our old interview with her in Snippets.

P.S. we'd love to see how these look on, so if you make a pair, make sure to share your version and we'll add your photos to the top!


  1. Small img 0910

    Gather your headband, beads and some wire. We're going to use a double banded headband for this but it would look just as good with a single one, if that's all you have.

  2. Small img 0913

    Secure the wire on to the headband by looping it around the end a couple of times.

  3. Small img 0915

    Lay your beads along the headband and tie them in place by wrapping the wire between each of the beads.

  4. Small img 0918

    Keep going until you've reached the other side of the headband, cut off the excess beads and wrap the wire around a couple of times before snipping it off.

  5. Small img 0916

    Begin wrapping a second strand of beads along the other band, using the same technique.

  6. Small img 0920

    As you approach the top of the headband, stop wrapping the wire around the headband.

  7. Small img 0921

    Continue to wrap the wire around the beads as you begin to form the first ear.

  8. Small img 0922

    Use a mug or another circular item to create the shape for the ears.

  9. Small img 0923

    Reattach the wire to the headband and continue wrapping the beads along the middle.

  10. Small img 0924

    Repeat the same process to make a second ear at the other side of the headband.

  11. Small img 1274

    Pick some pink lace which matches your ears and cut a square to fit behind them.

  12. Small img 1277

    Stitch the lace to the wire using pink thread.

  13. Small img 1695

    Trim off the excess lace.

  14. Small img 1696

    Pick some sparkly material to make a bow.

  15. Small img 1697

    Cut two large rectangles in the size you'd like your bow and another two small strips. Pin together around the edges.

  16. Small img 1701

    Stitch around the outlines of your rectangles with a sewing machine, leaving a small gap so you can turn them inside out.

  17. Small img 1704

    Turn the rectangles inside out and fill the large rectangle with stuffing before stitching the opening closed.

  18. Small img 1705

    Wrap the small strip around the center of the rectangle to make a bow and stitch in place.

  19. Small img 1706

    Stitch the bow on to the center of the ears.

  20. Small img 1708

    Finish by wrapping and glueing pink ribbon around the tips of the headband to stop any loose wires from scratching you.