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Little Lambikin
Little lamb is made of a little scrap of leftover Warm 'N' Natural quilt batting. I used a sewing machine, but stitched wrong sides together and then trimmed seam allowance. It is just as easy to hand sew him up with a blanket stitch.

Before I sewed the pieces together, I used my machine to "satin stitch" his eyes. I used brown thread and a very wide, short zig zag stitch, going back and forth over the area where I wanted his eyes to be.

Finished up with a pretty blue bow tied around his neck and tacked down with a few hand stitches to hold it in place.

The only trouble I've had with this particular stuffie is the gusset it in the head. I have never made one without a funky little pucker at the back of the head, no matter how careful I am.

You might be wondering where his ears are ... I messed them up and didn't feel like cutting a new pair. So he can't hear. I gave him to my three year old, who didn't notice his missing ears, but was quite concerned about his missing mouth. She decided it was better to have a lamb without a mouth, because if he had a mouth, he might keep her up all night baa-ing.

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