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Pink Carnation Pixie Brooch   Altered Poker Chip
Poker Chip Pendant   Flower Pixie
Peacock Feathers Ceramic Tile Pendant
Steampunk Altered Wooden Domino Pendant
Altered Memory Game Card Pendant

I used Dilly Bean stamp #340 Frida's sugar skull for this pendant. I colored the image with colored pencils and blended with mineral spirits. I then scanned my colored image and saved it on the computer. I removed the background in PSE and pasted it onto a digital paper from Create with TLC. After I printed out the image, I covered it with contact paper (packing tape works also). I then glued it to my repurposed memory game piece with Mod Podge. After attaching the image, let it dry and then cut off the excess. I held it up to a light to center the design on the chipboard. I did the same with the backside. The edges are inked with a gold sharpie. Use a small hole punch for two holes and then add your jewelry hardware. Easy Peasy!

Faux Stained Glass Pendant

Faux Stained Glass Pendant

Create colorful stained glass pendants using glass floral stones, nail polish and spray paint.

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Glass Tile Photo Pendant

Glass Tile Photo Pendant

using photos to make your own pendant

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Altered Game Piece Pendant Necklace

Altered Game Piece Pendant Necklace

Frida Kahlo Pendant

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Bamboo Tile Pendants

Bamboo Tile Pendants

Bamboo Tile Pendants

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Faux Insect Curiosity Pendant Tutorial

Faux Insect Curiosity Pendant Tutorial

For those who enjoy curiosity cabinet, insect specimen, shadowboxes and more

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Glass Tile Pendant

Glass Tile Pendant

Glue + paper = jewellery? series part 1

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