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I found a book on weaving and found a large picture frame, some nails, some string, material, a couple of big dowels, and made this rug.
This is my first project posting, so I am sorry if I make mistakes.
The third picture shows the kind of aparatus that I used with my frame to weave my rugs. It has a different rug on it. I just hammered some nails about a half an inch apart on the top and the bottom ands of the frame, strung the strong string back and forth. Then I had found some neat material, ripped it into 2-3 inch wide strips. I started by weaving the srting over and under itself for a few inches, then used the strips of material and wove them in and out of the string, pounding or tamping them down with a piece of wood that I had. I tied the ends in knots. It took MANY hours to finish, but was worth every second.
The link below is for the string heddles that I used. If you make two sets of them and put them on the same strings but one set on top, and one set on bottom, it will be easier. This site has alot of information on weaving, I just like the versatility of the frame loom-the sizes are endless, and sometimes cheaper if gotten at garage sales or thrift stores!

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Janie R.
Janie R. · Eastern, Kentucky, US · 25 projects
I found it! I found the web site that I used for the heddles! If you want; and I am going to do this with my next one, you can made twice the amount of loops, and do the same aparatus on the underside of the loom. You will hopefully understand once you've read the instructions. The loom on this site was handmade, and I just used my frame loom. Here's the site, the heddles are on number 5., just scroll down, or read down to there: http://www.marlamallett.com/loom.htm
I hopt this helps.
Janie R.
Janie R. · Eastern, Kentucky, US · 25 projects
Ok, first, thank you for faving my rug, and second, I am glad that you are interested in making these rugs-it seems to be a lost art. By lost, I mean using the frames for looms. I got this frame from a garage sale-I've also gotten them from the local thrift store. The inside (hole) of the frame is 24" by 48". I put the nails just about the middle of the wood ofr the frame at 1/2" intervals, so I used 96 for this one. It can be frustrating putting the string on, too, but just keep your cool and keep saying to yourself "well, I am learning, so it doesn't have to be perfect the first time"-then it actually turns out BETTER than you thought. I used the cone of cotton string my mother got online somewhere, but I have also used the cotton crochet thread (also on a cone) from Wal-Mart. I have five or six frames, and one has a shag rug in progress. I just hang it on the wall-a reminder to finish...someday, and also, well, ART!! I hope that you have fun with this. I used strips of old jeans for one, too, so you can use anything that you want to make the rug.
Jean · Stafford, Virginia, US · 24 projects
i see a loom in my future. Happy

how many nails nails did you use across the top? they look like they are fairly close together.

what is the size frame you use, and the distance in-between nails?

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