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Sew a fox stole scarf

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  • Step 1

    Wash and iron the linen to preshrink it. Enlarge the patterns for the head and ears from pages 108–109 (see page 2) and cut out to obtain templates. Cut two head and two ear pieces from linen then cut the ears twice more from fake fur. Draw up the remaining two patterns to size and cut them both twice from fur fabric. The body is 60 נ20cm (24 נ8in) with rounded ends and the tail is 40 נ20cm (16 נ8in).

  • Step 2

    Stitch each fur ear to a linen one with right sides facing, leaving the straight base edge open; turn out. Sew the button eyes to one head. Position the ears on the head piece with the eyes, matching the raw edges and positioning the ears at the marks on the head piece. Stitch the two heads together with right sides facing, leaving the top seam open; turn.

  • Step 3

    Body and tail?
    Stitch the two body pieces together with right sides facing, leaving gaps at each end where the pattern is shaded. Turn out the body and tuck in the seam allowances at the gaps but do not stitch yet. Stitch the two tail pieces together with right sides facing, leaving the straight edge open; turn out.

  • Step 4

    Stuff the head with a little wadding. Tuck the open end into one end of the body and hand stitch in place. Tuck the tail into the other end of the body and stitch in place in the same way.

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So cute!

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