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Extract from Drawing is Magic • By John Hendrix • Published by Abrams


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10 mins

Drawing is Magic

Posted by Abrams Published See Abrams's 43 projects » © 2021 John Hendrix / Abrams · Reproduced with permission. · Drawing Is Magic: Discovering Yourself in a Sketchbook by John Hendrix. Published by STC Craft/A Melanie Falick Book £10.99

You Will Need

  • How to create art / a model. Found Poetry View Finder - Step 1
    Step 1

    Using a craft knife or scissors, cut out a few of the black windows. (Careful not to cut into the pages behind this!)

  • Step 2

    Slide a newspaper or magazine underneath the holes.

  • Step 3

    Write down the words and phrases that pop up on the left. Find anything that inspires you to draw something?

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