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completely recycled SOFT pillow!
For the V-Day swap with Sugarlishes [hense her name on it... :D]

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  • Step 1

    sorry no photos


    It was a spur of the moment thing. I didn't think to take pictures. I didn't really no how it would work out.

    ANYWAY. its pretty simple, though there is one thing that I did that some people might not think of.

  • Step 2

    so, pretty obvious, you cut out two hearts from each piece of fabric. You can use whatever you want, I just put fleece and t-shirt material [strech cotton] because those are what I used.

  • How to make a shape plushie. Fluffy Heart Pillow - Step 3
    Step 3

    [I REALIZE this is incredibly janky. But you get the jist]

    so If you want to use side A as the outside, then put both side A's together[so you see B]. Sew along the dotted line and leave about that much of a gap [smaller or bigger depending on the size of your pillow]

  • Step 4

    THIS is that little... tricky thing. Not hard, just... different.

    So I wanted to make the pillow WIDER [so thicker, more fluff], and I tried it out, and it worked!

    at the curves, that make the heart "bumps", pull the thread very tight, which bunches up the fabric. Don't do it EXTREMELY TIGHT, but enough so its not completely flat.

  • Step 5

    Now turn it inside out [or... right side out], stuff, and sew up the gap.

    I used stuffing from the back of a couch, so its REALLY SOFT! REALLY REALLY soft! :D

    and yea. Tis wonderful. :D

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Sugarlishes · Fort Hood, Texas, US · 136 projects
and its sooo soft and i lurv it, thanks again dis!

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