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Great for Burning Man, raves, and keeping your legs warm at any fabulous affair!
My first pair of leggies! Soft & fuzzy synthetic, shades of green with hints of pale yellow in the material. The first thing I ever made on my sewing machine! Elastic on the top, and they stay up great. Yes, the seams are a bit lumpy, and yes they're slightly different lengths, but they're my misshapen bastard sewing machine love-child leg warmers, and I adore them. :)

Ok, so I didn't ACTUALLY follow the linked tutorial - I followed a friends instructions. BUT this is the best tutorial I've been able to find so far for this project, and I wanted to provide it.

Instead of cutting 4 pieces, like in these instructions, I cut only 2 trapezoids, the top of which (when laid flat) was the measurement around my calf, just ABOVE the thick part of the calf, just below the knee. From that top line, I cut the material on a slight flare down both sides & then across the bottom (this requires measuring the LENGTH of your calf, including the thickness of whatever shoe you want to be able to cover.)

The I pinned the edges of the trapezoids together, leaving about 2" at the top for seam allowance (this is where your elastic will go), and sewed down this line on my machine.

So, now you have a flared tube shaped thing that's sewn not quite all the way up. Then, with the material inside out, fold down a tube, and pin. Sew this tube on the machine.

Then thread the elastic through the tube, sew the edges of the elastic together (can be done by hand), and then sew the tube totally shut.

Turn right side out and pull on. Now go party!

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