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sorry i dont have any pictures i promise to take picture next time :)

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  • Step 1

    first gather all of your material!

  • Step 2

    measure your waist and then cut a piece of fabric that is 3 times as wide as your waist measurement and ruffly 18 in long (longer or shorter depending on how long you want it)

  • Step 3

    then cut your elastic to equal the distance of your waist.....dont forget to allow seem allowance.

  • Step 4

    since you have everything cut its time to sew! first sew a basting stitch on your fabric (on the side that is 3x your waist measurement).

  • Step 5

    then pull the basting stitch till it is as small as your elastic measurement.

  • Step 6

    now sew the edge of the elastices so it becomes a tube

    do the same with the fabrice so it starts to look a little more like a skirt.

  • Step 7

    here is the hard step
    take the elastic and fold it over the skirt so that the bad side of both the elastic and fabric is shown. And then sew

  • Step 8

    now flip the elastic over and VOILA!! you have your skirt.

    try it on and see if you need to make any adjustments and rock your new skirt.

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Claira Y.
Claira Y. · 7 projects
thanks ya it is super easy and it will look good on anyone Happy
Ivana H.
Ivana H. · Artane, Dublin, IE · 13 projects
your skirt is so cute i love the pattern!<3
i would love to try this!

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