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Summery Hair Accessory!
This little project was inspired by Audrey Kitching herself.

For the Flower Crown (Picture 2) I bought some fake plastic flowers and pipe cleaners.

Step 1 - Measure pipe cleaner around head to make sure it fits. :)

Step 2 - I wrapped a few pipe cleaners around the frame to ensure it was nice and sturdy.

Step 3 - Cut heads off flowers and wait for your hot glue gun to heat up! ;)

Step 4 - Glue the flower heads all around the width of the pipe cleaner.

Step 5 - Add a few fake leaves etc if you wish!

For the Flower Headband (Picture 1)

I used the spare flowers from my Flower Crown project for this one :)

Step 1 - Get a head band. I used an old plastic headband which just so happened to be Cheetah print :)

Step 2 - I then planned out (by placing flowers ontop of the headband and seeing what looks good) where I was going to put my flowers. (Do this before gluing!!!!)

Step 3 - Wait for hot glue to heat up!

Step 4 - Glue on flowers in desired place.

For a little extra; I wrapped some elastic cord around the part of the headband which didn't have the flowers - it created a nice twist effect!

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