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Flower Bangle

Pretty Flower Bangle • Posted by PinkWeeds

An amazing bracelet for the season.

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An amazing bracelet for the season.


  1. Small flower power 023 1280613897

    Start by cutting a 1 inch by 1 inch square of ribbon. Burn the endges to prevent fraying.

  2. Small flower power 024 1280613945

    Cut any remaining stem from the rose.

  3. Small flower power 025 1280613997

    Place glue all around base of stem.

  4. Small flower power 026 1280614038

    Place bangles on either side of flower.

  5. Small flower power 027 1280614067

    Place your ribbon square down on top of bangles covering the hot glue and giving you a smooth surface to rest on. Let cool completely

  6. Small flower power 010 1280614126

    Wear it.