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Easy to wear, easy to sew dress.
A strapless style sundress with a top flounce that's created by using your own measurements, a few yards of fabric, and your sewing machine!

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  • Step 1

    Fold fabric in half lengthwise (the most amount of stretch is running horizontal). Measure the upper part of your bust. Add 16″ to this measurement and divide by 2. From the fold, draw a line across your fabric to your finished number. Measure from your upper bust to your desired length (I had mine at knee length). Add 4″ to this number. Starting from the line you just drew, make a line vertically on your fabric to your desired length. Remove the rectangle from the fabric – this will be the dress. Now measure from your chest to your belly button and add 3″ to this measurement. On the wrong side of your dress, measure down to your belly button length and mark. Continue making marks across the fabric until you have a continuous line across your fabric (this will be your placement line for your bias tape casing).

  • Step 2

    To cut the ruffle, fold fabric in half lengthwise, again. From the fold draw a line across your fabric to your finished upper bust measurement. Measure down 7″ (if you have a very large bust I suggest this number be increased by an inch or so) and remove rectangle from fabric.

  • Step 3

    With right sides together, sew side seam of dress. Sew short ends of ruffle together, forming a continuous loop

  • How to make a tank dress. Flounce Dress - Step 4
    Step 4

    If desired, finish one long edge of ruffle. This can be done by using a rolled hem or small zig-zag stitch along the edged of the fabric. Since we are using a knit material, this step can also be skipped since a majority of these fabrics do not ravel.

  • Step 5

    Place right side of ruffle on the right side of dress matching unfinished edges and seams. Baste in place.

  • Step 6

    Fold over 2 1/4″ on top edge of dress and sew, catching both the bottom edge of the dress and the ruffle in your stitching. Leave a 3″ opening for inserting elastic.

  • Step 7

    Cut your 1″ elastic to your exact (your original number) upper bust measurement and thread it through the casing. Overlap the ends 1/4″ and zig-zag stitch across the elastic. Push the elastic loop through the casing and finish off the casing stitches of your dress. Distribute fullness evenly. (When worn, the ruffle will cover the elastic casing).
    *I found that my elastic (even though it said it was non-roll) rolled horribly. If this happens to you, divide your dress into fourths and mark. Then stitch over the casing in these areas to keep your elastic from rolling inside. This is also an ideal way to keep your ruffle in place since the ruffle can be sewn to the casing at these points.

  • How to make a tank dress. Flounce Dress - Step 8
    Step 8

    Open up your bias tape (press open the crease) and place along the belly button line you drew on your dress earlier and stitch. Overlap the ends by 1/4″ and fold over raw edge (to make a finished edge). Stitch along bottom edge of casing. Measure your waist, cut 1/2″ elastic to this length and insert through the waist casing. Overlap the ends 1/4″ and zig-zag stitch across the elastic. Push the elastic loop though the casing and distribute the fullness evenly.

  • Step 9

    On bottom edge of dress, fold up 1 1/4″ to wrong side and stitch hem in place.

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