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A stenciled floral greeting card

The "negative" or left over pieces from die cutting flowers can easily be used to make further cards. The leftovers from die cutting should not be chucked away as they become stencils. By dabbing a sponge into an ink pad then pressing through the stencil shape, the floral pattern is made. These super quick cards are not only stylish but are very cheap to make.



  • How to make a greetings card. Floral Stencil Card - Step 1
    Step 1

    Die cut two floral shapes from any coloured card or scrap card. Here the orange card is the stencils. Two are made that are identical, but one is turned over to be a mirror image.

  • How to make a greetings card. Floral Stencil Card - Step 2
    Step 2

    Using Washi tape secure one of the stencils on to white card. Take a small piece of clean sponge and dab onto an orange ink pad. Ink is now on the sponge so dab this on to the white card through the stencil. Dab all over the stencil. Now sponge a small amount of red ink on the flowers lightly. Then remove the stencil carefully. You may have ink on your fingers so do take care.

  • How to make a greetings card. Floral Stencil Card - Step 3
    Step 3

    Take the second stencil and place over the white card, line up the flowers where you want them. Dab the ink through the stencil as before. Trim the white card and mount to orange card slightly larger.Attach to a craft brown card blank.

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