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Place mat in a cross-over design
Measurements: 30 x 40cm (11¾ x 15¾in)

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  • Step 1

    Enlarge the template and transfer the sashiko pattern onto the place mat. Choose the number of pattern lines and their postion as desired.

    There are various ways of transferring a sashiko design to a fabric base. You can draw them free style on the base, or make precise patterns using a ruler and marking pen. With thin and light fabrics, it is a good idea to place the pattern template under the fabric and trace it through. Alternatively, you can transfer your pattern to tissue paper, which can then be layered on your fabric and sewn through, then peeled off afterwards.
    If you wish to increase or decrease the size of your sashiko pattern, it is easy to do this on a standard copying machine or printer.

    If you are using any of the patterns in this book, always work from a photocopy. Then you can place the pattern under the fabric and trace over it onto the fabric or attach it to the fabric and sew over the pattern lines.

  • Step 2

    Sew the design in medium-sized sashiko stitches.

    For a completely different result, sew the sashiko design on the place mat in five to seven strong colours in a rainbow effect.

  • Step 3

    The sashiko stitch

    Single-stitch sashiko

    The designs made with single-stitch sashiko are created as a linear grid with single or multiple strands of yarn. The stitches may cross to create a pattern or have the effect of drifting past each other.

    Patterned sashiko

    In patterned sashiko, the stitches do not cross. The designs are created from straight or curved lines of running stitch. Patterns are created by changing direction while embroidering. Double or single thread can be used.

    Stitch lengths

    In modern sashiko, stitch lengths can vary from small and fine to large and coarse. Often, the stitch length is increased unintentionally in multi-layer works. Between four and eight stitches over a length of 2.5cm (1in) is recommended, worked in a regular structure. With single-stitch sashikos, the stitch length is based on the grid size. In patterned sashiko, the spaces between the stitches should be about half as long as the stitch.

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